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My name is Jay, and welcome to my blog. If you landed on this blog, chances are that you are looking for an answer related to either Excel, or Python, or both. Here, I’m sharing my knowledge and experience on how to integrate Excel (and other office apps) and Python, and use them to improve your efficiency at work. Hope you find something helpful.

I’m an risk professional working in the insurance industry. My day job used to involve about 95% Excel, until one day I realized that Excel is not the right tool for everything.

I started learning new techniques in Excel, first VBA and then PowerQuery. After implementing a few solutions with them, I realized that Excel itself is the problem. It’s too slow and unable to handle large amount of data.

Then I discovered Python, and fell love with it immediately. You can do so much with Python – data analysis & visualization, process automation, machine learning, etc. I’ve created many solutions using Python, which helped my team to increase work efficiency by hundreds of times. The best part? I can use Python and Excel together to achieve my goals faster.

Imagine a world with both the simplicity from Excel, and power and flexibility of Python.

Hello New World.